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Дарители 2017


“Night of the stars”- 2018

The seventh edition of the show “Night of the Stars” will feature participants of 11 countries presenting 5 holders of Guinness World Records, 6 Monte Carlo price awardees, 20 extreme cascades, a Broadway comedian, a living torpedo, a spider-man, a deadly crossbow and many more surprises.. One night, in which the stars will come closer to you!

Hrsito Mutafchiev

Do not miss Hristo Mutafchiev in a new role!
Target the man with the deadly crossbow!
Hristo Mutafchiev with an open forehead to death danger!
The foolish bravery of the President of the Union of Artists in Bulgaria! And will the Union remain without a president?
Do not miss! Only in the SEVENTH DAY OF THE STARS and only on March 17, 2018

Anatoliy Zalevsky

Anatoliy Zalevsky the only hand stand awarded with Gold Clown in Monte Carlo!
For this artist in the world press and media you will read – glamorous performance, spectacular performance, incredible technique and originality!
After the performance of this artist, the ladies from the audience fall in love with “at first glance” – exceptional charisma, charm and sensuality, beauty, music and passion!
Namely this unique artist takes part in 2012 at the most glamorous world event – the awarding of the Oscar film prizes!
For him, in professional circles, there is only respect, respect, and the pursuit of imitation!
Remember this name – Anatoly Zalevski – unique equilist!
On 17 March, this exclusive star of circus art, winning a gold medal at the Paris Circus Festival and Continue reading

Alex Mitchel

Alex Mitchel – exclusive, breathtaking, shocking and startling! The seventh edition of the Night of Stars will feature the miraculous performance of the Spider-man. The holder of the Silver Clown prize and numerous awards will present his gig at the level of the highest point of Arena Arena without using safety equipment. Yes, it definitely takes courage and risk, which even the insurance companies refuse taking. However, this is one of the new world miracles we promised to show you in the exquisite seventh edition of the Night of the Stars. The show will usher you into the world of magic, mysticism, supernatural phenomena and perfection! Join this incredible starry team and you will witness the fact that the wonders of the world are more than seven. Do not miss this incredible event– 17th of March, 2018 at Arena Armeec. Otherwise, you will never be able to forgive yourself!

Robin Valencia

Yes, women can do anything!
They can enchant you, they can attract you, they can leave you breathless!
All these will be achieved by the charming Robin Valencia with her torpedo flight shot to more than 40 meters!
“Arena Armeec” will echo a cannon thunder and you will witness a spectacular flight!
“The night of the Stars’’ – Seventh edition!
Join us and you will witness the fact the wonders of the world are more than seven.

David Shiner

When the great Russian actor Yuriy Nikulin was once stunned by a young clown, he exclaimed “He is a future star!”. And Nikulin was right.
On March 17 during the Encho Keryazov Foundation’s “Night of the Stars”, the Bulgarian audience will meet the legendary comedian David Shiner.
Part of David Shiner’s creative career involves the co-writing and production of Cirque du Soleil, as well as the production of HBO movies and shows on Broadway

Viktor Kee

The wonders of the world are not just Seven!
On the 17th of March in the Arena Armeec Hall you will become part of one of the Wonders of the World – The Magic of the world famous artist Viktor Kee!
Only the most prestigious stages of Lido and Moulin Rouge in Paris, MGM casino in Las Vegas, Carre theater Amsterdam and as well the extraordinary shows of Cirque du Soleil “Dralion” were the arenas of his magic performance!
Prince Rainier awarded in 2013 the Ukrainian artist with a silver statuette and princess Stephanie had invited him to become a member of the prestigious jury of the Monte Carlo festival in 2014!
On the 17th of March Viktor Kee is coming to Bulgaria to conquer the hearts of the Bulgarian audience with the show “Night of the Stars” organized by the foundation “Encho Keryazov”. Continue reading

Ives and Ambra

Have you heard the phrase “fly on the wings of love”?
Yes, we, from the Encho Keryazov Foundation, have proof of this and will present it on March 17, 2018, at the “Night of the Stars” gala in Arena Armeec Hall.
Love, passion, beautiful music and aerial acrobatics from the amazing Ives and Ambra!
Unique artists whose professional calendar is filled in the next 5 years, but especially for the Bulgarian audience and the talented children of Bulgaria will be on stage at Arena Armeec.


15844053_1193750430738912_6683474368651936367_oThe clown is coming! Again in the Night of Starts, for the first time in Bulgaria is coming one of the fourteen participants in the anniversary edition of the festival in Monte Carlo- “The best of the Best”! Housch-Ma-Housch, the star of the world known cabaret Lido in Paris shall participate in the star show and present his skill to transform his joggling ability in small funny stories and to make pantomime. The carrier of the Ukrainian artist Semen Schuster, also known as Housch-Ma-Housch is self-explanatory. He is a winner of Silver Clown in Monte Carlo, Silver Lion at the International Circus Festival in China, bronze medal at the Circus of Tomorrow – Paris; first place award at the International Circus Festival in Grenoble, France, first place at the International Circus Festival in Moscow. The clown is the character that ushers the audience into the world of laughter and joke and helps people to overcome their fear and doubts. Housch-Ma-Housch accepts the part of the clown as something more than drawing a smile on someone’s face, he is the pure essence and the soul of the show.

Anastasya Makeeva

img_6344A young rebel will increase the excitement ratings to the maximum point during the “Night of the Stars” with her aerial fabric silks. Anastasiya Makeeva is the only the solo performer who won the prestigious award of the circus festival in Monte Carlo in the genre of aerial silks after Dolly Jacobs from the distant year of 1988. Makeeva won the bronze clown in 2014 with her emotional tango performed on swinging aerial loops. Nastya’s performance has a unique style which dynamical musical rhythms and a skillful approach of attaching to the twisted fabrics. Nastya provokes emotions from the audience with huge dose of adrenalin especially during the aerial side-split. She commands the free-rocking silks with her sole and toes and as she distributes her weight equally on two distanced bundles of fabric. Young and fearless, Anastasiya Makeeva conquers the world circus arenas without having a diploma in acrobatics or gymnastics. She breaks the family traditions for a scientific career Continue reading