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Дарители 2017

Sixth annual awards to talented Bulgarian children “NIGHT OF STRARS”

5626The SIXTH ceremony of awarding talented Bulgarian children is getting close and the new sixth edition of the exclusive show “Night of Stars” will be in their honor! During this SIX CEREMONY, the audience will admire and pay respect to our EXCELLENT athletes from world Olympic Games and competitions for

which the world gave an excellent note to BULGARIA! During the show the audience will feel like the great Isaac Newton who discovered the law of gravity gazing at the stars, and the viewer will discover it by looking at incredible performances by exclusive artists in Bulgaria that create new rules in the application of the laws of nature with their limitless INSPIRATION.

Moreover, in the sixth edition of the Night of Stars, the audience will have the opportunity to admire the six winners of the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo. SIX extreme athletes will present their breathtaking performances that defy the law of gravity! Sixty-six musicians will gravitate on stage as an accompaniment to a dance extravaganza.

SIX high-profile figures from the world of show- business will host the ceremony and will unite the joy, admiration and fun! We expect you to share together the wonderful experience and pride in the achievements of our children and to enjoy the new realms of the “Night of Stars”.