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Дарители 2017


rsz_picaso_plakatFrancisco Tebar is the juggler who failed to appear at the charity show “Night of Stars” for the fifth edition of the award nomination ceremony organized by the Foundation of Encho Keryazov. The reason, however, was neither an artistic whim, nor more important and pressing commitments! Francisco Tebar, called also Picasso Jr., had to fight serious illness! In the new edition of the show “Night of Stars”, Picaso Jr. will keep its promise – to give its support to talented children of Bulgaria, and the audience will meet not only an amazing artist but also a man whose integrity causes no less respect!
How far can humanly potential reach ? This question naturally arises in our minds after the performance of the Spanish juggler Picasso junior. Born in 1969 in Madrid, Francisco Tebar is the son of the great juggler El Gran Picasso.
Francisco grew up away from show business and even obtained a degree in Economics in Valencia. Continue reading

Kelly Huesca

keli-hueskaA beautiful young Italian woman would inspire any artist, but when she is an artist herself with an unusual style, she would be admired by any master of the brush, paint, chalk and pencil, and this shall be called MAGIC. Only a few months ago, Kelly Huesca enchanted and even made the audience burst into tears during the biggest event in the world of circus, the 40th Festival in Monte Carlo. Hardly anyone could imagine that this fragile girl so deeply would affect viewers who expected anything but sand animation.

Immediately before the start of the parade featuring flags of the participating countries, Princess Stephanie had prepared a performance that literally shocked the artists and audience! Kelly’s sand animation stunned everyone when with the hands of a real magician using vivid imagination, she managed to transform several paintings in a fascinating and exciting story! Continue reading

Andrey Jigalov – the clown without makeup

Djigalov plakatThe clown without makeup – the next celebrity friend of Encho Keryazov is famous all over the world for that, Andrey Jigalov – one of the world best!

The only clown who won a Golden medal of the Festival “Circus of the Future” – Paris; winner of the Grand-Prix-Prize of the President of the Republic of France in the city of Massy festival; „Chaplin” award at the International festival Vaudreuil-Dorion – Canada; “Silver clown” at the International circus Festival of Monte Carlo!
When you can’t escape the fate…

Jigalov was born on the 21st of April, 1966 in the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia. His grew up there and finished high school majoring in … “welding”. Because of his talent to make his colleagues smile, Jigalov earns very quickly his nickname “the Clown.” His desire to become a clown makes him in 1990 to go to the big city. With an accordion on his back and a guitar in his hands, the young Andrey together with other 450 candidates takes part in a casting for a place in the most prestigious circus school in the world – The Moscow School of Circus (State School of Circus and estrade arts – M. N. Rumyancev – Karandash).

And instead of the title Continue reading

“NIGHT OF THE STARS” February 24th, 2016, “Arena Armeec Hall” – Sofia

Bilbord 14X3  1bAgain Foundation “Encho Keryazov” will present an event that will happen for the first time in Bulgaria!
Phenomenal show with circus and sport elements presented as an impressive and glamorous variety performance inspired by the friendship between Encho Keryazov and Yordan Yovchev

February 24th, 2016, “Arena Armeec Hall” – Sofia

is the slogan which will gather for the first time in Bulgaria world famous sport and circus stars who will leave the audience breathless at the fifth edition of the initiative aiming to support talented children that gains more and more popularity.

For those who will share their excitement from the splendid

Encho Keryazov and Yordan Yovchev
together with their worldwide famous friends will demonstrate unique achievements and everyone of them will perform in their own field of expertise.
So many acknowledged names have never been gathered anywhere in the world: five winners of the award “Clown” – gold, silver and bronze – from the world festival in Monte Carlo and as well more than five gold and silver medalists from world championships and Olympic games! These are our friends – an incentive and inspiration for all talented children of Bulgaria!

Hristo Mutafchiev

Hristo  plakatThe charismatic Bulgarian actor, Hristo Mutafchiev featuring countless appearances in movies, TV shows and theater plays and a board member of the Foundation “Encho Keryazov” especially for the show “Night of Stars” choses, as a true friend, to go in a new direction!

Last year, Hristo Mutafchiev received a gift from the phenomenal Nik Wallenda, part of a steel rope that was stretched between two skyscrapers in Chicago and on which he marched and set a world record for the ninth time which was entered the Book of World Records “Guinness!”

This contagious example and acting ambition sparked Hristo Mutafchiev and now we all tremble in anticipation: will the Bulgarian actor go on a rope in the “Night of Stars” on February 24, 2016 and what else he will show!?!

Vasko Vassilev

Васко ВасилевBulgarians with world fame, whose performances will be seen in the accompaniment of another Bulgarian world famous name: the prominent violin virtuoso, the youngest concertmaster in the history of the Royal Opera House “Covent Garden” – Vasko Vassilev! He produces his magic sounds on one of the ten Amati violins in the world- a tool with more than 300 years of history!

The rest, however, is a secret! And…..the magic of friendship in the Night of Starts!
Sofia, February 24, 2016, Sofia – Hall “Arena Armeec”!!!

Stanka Zlateva and Petar Stoychev

Stanka i PetarNames that create the star fame of Bulgaria and enjoy the deserved respect of world sports fields, arenas and circus and music scenes gather, attracted by the magic of friendship in the “Night of the stars.
There is a true magic in this challenge.

“Quick hands project” is a magician’s society in Bulgaria based on the rare phenomenon in the magic circles- a fair friendship among magicians which focuses on mutual support and cooperation. The founders: Rosen Dimitrov -“Мr. Jim” and Yordan Belchev-“Dani Magix”, determine themselves as the “bad boys of magic: and are strongly determined to change the status quo of the Bulgarian magician scene.

With the support of our friends form Quick Hand Project two incredible athletes, whose cups and medals cannot be gathered even in the biggest magic cup in the world, will perform together in a magic duo… those are Stanka Zlateva and Petar Stoychev! Continue reading

Brothers Kovachevi – Wheel of Death

KovacheviMagical moments will not seize here!

Especially for the “Night of Stars” duo Kovachevi will attempt to make a world record. Somersault with a twist of 360 degrees, a performance close to magic, which will put the duo on the top of the list of all the show promoters.
In 2013, Nikolay and his younger brother, Georgi, began working together in one of the most dangerous circus genres, the Wheel of Death. At this moment they are the only Europeans who perform front somersault on the outside of a moving wheel.

Brothers Kovachevi, a Bulgarian duo, which gained a fast popularity. Nikolai Kovachev, the older of two brothers is a graduate of the sport gymnastic school “Levski” and has more than 20 years of experience in the circus. He began his career with Ignatovi acrobatics ensembles on horses, which is the last Bulgarian group number part of the world circus festival in Monte Carlo and won a Silver Clown! The friendship between Encho and Nikoly starts right with their joint work for two consecutive years.

Flight of Passion

PlakatA few years ago, the Swiss National Circus “Knie” with extreme pride pretended to present the best duet in the world of show business that performs in the air. This opinion is confirmed by winning the Golden Clown Festival in Monte Carlo in 2009 – an eloquent proof of the uniqueness of this number. Moreover, the name “Flight of Passion” adds poetic charm to this amazing dance in the air under the circus dome.

The artistic director of the show Quidam, Pierre Parisien, is the first one to spot the uniqueness of this number and invites the duet to participate in the tour of the Circus Asia Pacific.
Guy Laliberte, a founder and an owner of Cirque du Soleil, got fascinated with this number during his visit to Quidam in Singapore and immediately signed a contract with the air duet for his new project Corteo.

It looks like the duet has achieved everything- they have signed a long term contact with the most prestigious circus of the world. However, this is not valid for people whose ambitions cannot be limited. After the expiration of the contract with Cirque du Soleil, the duo receives an invitation for the festival in Monaco…

Princess Stephanie personally Continue reading