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Дарители 2017


The Encho Keryazov Foundation was set up with a Constituent Act of Donation on 9 September 2011 in the city of Sofia by the circus artist Encho Keryazov. The Foundation is entered into the Register of Non-Profit Entities, with a Decree No. 01/6 October 2011 of Sofia City Court. The organization is created in order to realize activity of public benefit. Its main body is the Managing Committee, with members Mr Encho Keryazov, Chairman of the Committee, Mr Hristo Mutafchiev, an actor, Chairman of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, Mr Yordan Yovchev, vice-Olympic champion in sports gymnastics, Mr Krassimir Stoychev, art gallerist and master-photographer, and Ms Angela Schwartz, the Executive Director. The Foundation is represented by the Chairman of the Managing Committee and the Executive Director, together and separately.

Mr Encho Keryazov set up a foundation in his name led by his deep conviction that a successful person should return to the society what he has received from it. Therefore, the main mission of the Foundation is to encourage and stimulate young talents in developing their potential and to look for ways to preserve the memory of the great achievements of the Bulgarian circus profession.

The main objectives of the Encho Keryazov Foundation are as follows:

1. To represent the Bulgarian circus in the society as a stage art of national significance and to confirm its merits in the nation’s system of values
2. To popularize the achievements of the Bulgarian circus artists during the years and to find a way to preserve the cultural heritage created by them for the future generations.
3. To discover and help talented children and young people in their efforts and aspiration to develop their talents and potential in the sphere of culture and sports, science and technologies, healthy way of life and ecology.
4. To stimulate materially and morally the creative quests of young talents with successful results and prizes in competitions, festivals, Olympiads and sports events in fields chosen by them.
5. To increase adaptability in searching and finding information about events as well as to encourage the free exchange of ideas concerning young talents in the field of humanitarian and intellectual subjects.
6. To develop and realize effective practices in order to stimulate children’s and young people’s interest in systematic and consistent pursuit of various sports disciplines and categories of art.
7. To initiate, organize and participate in campaigns on a national level for the physical, spiritual and intellectual development of the rising generation as well as their instruction in the spirit of the traditional Bulgarian values and virtues.

The activities of the Encho Keryazov Foundation are as follows:

1. To create an official donor-charity fund in favour of programmes and events of the Foundation.
2. To organize and conduct donor campaigns
and charity events in order to raise money and
fund current initiatives and projects of the
3. To grant personal scholarships and to render different kinds of financial assistance to children and young people who have entered donors’ programmes or another project of the Foundation.
4. To help the participation of talented Bulgaria children and young people in competitions, festivals, sports events and other similar forums.
5. To initiate and realize any kind of stage performances and other sports and cultural events in order to raise money to realize current projects and programmes of the Foundation.
6. To organize discussions, seminars, conferences and campaigns of national and international importance about general and specific initiatives of the Foundation.
7. To realize representation and lobby campaigns in active cooperation and partnership with institutions, business, the non-governmental sector, and citizens, in Bulgaria and abroad.