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Дарители 2017

Anastasya Makeeva

img_6344A young rebel will increase the excitement ratings to the maximum point during the “Night of the Stars” with her aerial fabric silks. Anastasiya Makeeva is the only the solo performer who won the prestigious award of the circus festival in Monte Carlo in the genre of aerial silks after Dolly Jacobs from the distant year of 1988. Makeeva won the bronze clown in 2014 with her emotional tango performed on swinging aerial loops. Nastya’s performance has a unique style which dynamical musical rhythms and a skillful approach of attaching to the twisted fabrics. Nastya provokes emotions from the audience with huge dose of adrenalin especially during the aerial side-split. She commands the free-rocking silks with her sole and toes and as she distributes her weight equally on two distanced bundles of fabric. Young and fearless, Anastasiya Makeeva conquers the world circus arenas without having a diploma in acrobatics or gymnastics. She breaks the family traditions for a scientific career

and devotes her life to art; initially she is introduced to music and later she studies for a comedian actress with a major “Clown”. During her last year of education Anastisya watches closely the aerial gymnastics hall as she enters the hall very early in the morning and late at night when the training hours for the professional have passed. She shares that during her training sessions she has met numerous dedicated and inspirational people who have helped her to become more experienced and to realize her dreams. Appreciating the power of giving Anastisya Makeeva will become our partner on the stage of “The Night of the Stars” where with the help of its aerial silks will spread the light of our common cause.